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What is AMRF?

The American Medical Resource Foundation's mission is to imporve health care around the world by donating medical equipment and supplies to hospitals that serve the poor in underdeveloped and developing countries of the world.
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Winter/Spring 2016 Medical/Technical Assistance Missions Increased
Fall 2015 AMRF Faces Challenges! We Need Your Help!
Spring 2015 Aid to needy communities increase
Spring 2014 Guatemalan Hospital Recieves AMRF Tech Support
Fall of 2013Dominican Clinic Receives AMRF Help
Spring of 2013 Equipment Donations Evaluated.
Fall of 2012 AMRF Needs your help.
Winter of 2012 Zimbabwe Hospital Upgraded with AMRF Help.
Summer of 2011 Medical Equipment Welcomed at Santa Catarina
Spring of 2011 Guatemalan Hospital to be Equipped by AMRF
Fall of 2010 Rural Guatemalan Hospital Equipped by AMRF
Spring of 2010 Central American Initiative
Winter of 2009 AMRF 20th Anniversary
Summer of 2009 AMRF Assists in Kosovo
Winter of 2008 A Guatemalan Child Deaf No More
Summer of 2008 AMRF Assists in Africa: Guinea-Bissau and Senegal
Winter of 2007 Ambulance and Equipment to Camerron
Summer of 2007 AMRF Equipment keeps givigin
Fall of 2006 AMRF in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Spring of 2006 AMRF Assists Establishment for Clinic in Guinea-Bissau
Spring of 2005 AMRF Equips Zambia Hospital
Fall of 2005 AMRF Readies Shipment to Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Summer of 2004 Honorary Degree to AMRF Vice President Victor Solo
Fall of 2004 AMRF Mission to El Salvador
Winter of 2003 AMRF Readies Equipment for Ethiopia
To date, over $200 million contributions have been made