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What is AMRF?

The American Medical Resource Foundation's mission is to imporve health care around the world by donating medical equipment and supplies to hospitals that serve the poor in underdeveloped and developing countries of the world.
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Application Guidelines

AMRF is a non-profit organization under section (501(c)3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and we are also registered with the U.S. Agency For International Development (U.S.A.I.D.). AMRF donates refurbished but fully functional medical equipment to non-military hospitals and clinics serving poor people in developing nations. After a shipment arrives at a recipient hospital, AMRF is prepared to offer technical assistance by telephone, email, and FAX as a standard feature of our AMRF shipments. With advanced planning and under a separate application/proposal process, AMRF also offers technical assistance and training onsite at recipient hospitals; our qualified biomedical engineers and technicians teach maintenance procedures and assist in setting up maintenance and calibration facilities at recipient institutions. Onsite technical assistance is not a standard feature of our equipment donation process and must be arranged separately and in advance. Please ask us about on-site training options and AMRF would be glad to submit a proposal to you.

Although AMRF will donate medical equipment to your hospital or clinic, we request a donation from your hospital or sponsor to cover our costs in collecting, testing, repairing (if needed), procuring any missing components and accessories, insurance, ocean freight forwarding and shipping equipment to you.

Once AMRF receives your donation deposit, we work hard to locate your requested equipment but can not guarantee that we will find all items or the quantities which you have requested. Based upon the review of your application, we may also suggest additional items for your use and would then ask if you want these items. Occasionally AMRF may require written authorization via email or fax from you to allow AMRF to secure certain equipment at donor locations, where an expense is involved, before it is taken by others. At the conclusion of our collecting and testing process, we will send you an inventory list of equipment and supplies for you to review and approve in writing. Any items that you do not want will be removed from the proposed shipment.

Depending on availability, we may also gather medical supplies, such as catheters, surgeon's gloves, operating room set ups, crutches, and walkers. Please let us know in advance if you do not want these items. These items are light weight and would be loaded on top of the medical equipment. Generally, there is no additional donation requested for these items. They will be listed on the inventory list we provide you as described in the previous paragraph.

Generally our shipments are sent in ocean freight containers to ports across the Globe. There are two container sizes: 40 x 8 X 8 foot container and 20 x 8 x8 foot ocean freight container. AMRF recommends a 40 foot container because it is the least costly per unit volume of equipment and supplies shipped. When we receive your initial donation deposit for the proposed program, we will evaluate your request and advise you on the number of containers required to meet your needs.

Our experience is that a 20 foot container holds equipment valued approximately at $US200,000 - $US400,000 and a 40 foot container holds equipment valued approximately at $US400,000-$US600,000, if valued at today's replacement prices. The value for Customs used in the inventory lists you will receive before we ship is approximately 20% of this value reflecting depreciation.

Each program is a custom order and costs may vary depending on such factors as the location of the equipment (US land transportation costs to our testing facility), the cost of de-installing the equipment from a US donor facility, the purchase of new equipment that could not be found via donations (these purchases would be discussed with you), the amount of testing and repair required, and ocean freight transportation costs to your destination port. The ocean freight transportation costs are determined by our freight forwarder shortly before the actual shipping date. You will find approximate donation estimates for planning purposes shown below. We request a 50% donation deposit in order to activate our work on your behalf. When we have completed your container(s), we will send you an invoice of our actual costs, as well as the inventory list. We must receive the outstanding donation balance, plus payment for the ocean freight transportation costs, and your approval of the equipment list, within thirty (30) days before we can ship to you. Your failure to pay within 30 days after we notify you may require us to cancel your shipment being sent and we will keep your donation deposit to cover expenses incurred by AMRF on your behalf. We need to ship your equipment as soon as possible after each container load is completed due to space restrictions in our warehouse. This is why we need your approval and the balance of the funds within 30 days. Your failure to pay on time impacts our ability to start on new programs for people in need at other hospitals.

Contact AMRF for Costs for all types of Containers.

*As discussed above, the donation level may vary if certain items can not be located as donations, if certain donated items require technical de-installation costs, or if certain items must be purchased on the new equipment market. These costs will be discussed with you for your rejection or approval for AMRF to secure the equipment. Your timely response (either acceptance or rejection) is important because high market demand for medical equipment requires a quick response from AMRF on purchasing and collecting decisions. Ocean freight costs are determined shortly before shipping date and will be listed on final invoice, payable within 30 days, and must be paid in full for your shipment to be sent.

When you send your donation to AMRF, please alert us to your incoming funds by email, FAX, or telephone. This is critical so that AMRF can match the incoming funds to your account. Funds can be sent to us by check or wire transmittal. Please make sure that you include a brief note clearly stating your program name.

CHECKS: Please send checks (payable to AMRF, Inc.):

P.O. Box 3609
Brockton, MA 02304


Please contact us for wire transmittal instructions

The following pages provide an overview of the process from application to shipment preparation and donation process, as well as some tips to aid your planning for your shipment arrival. Please read them now because some steps may require action by you now. If you have any questions, please contact us at Email:, Tel: 1-508.946.0026, or FAX 1-508-580-3306. STEPS TO INITIATE AND COMPLETE A PROGRAM: To start a program, please complete the application and following documents:

1. Application with all questions answered, including the destination port, Customs.

  • Inventory List - please let us know of any equipment requests not listed on form.
  • Release From Liability Form - please sign and return original
  • Intent To Donate Form - please sign and return original
  • Initial Donation Deposit
  • Your government letter stating that the hospital is tax-exempt or charitable and that no import duties will be charged.
  • Please identify the program sponsor and contact information that will donate funds to cover the program costs.

2. After the above steps are completed, AMRF will advise you to the acceptability of your application, the recommended container size, and the appropriate donation deposit to cover our initial costs on your behalf. Estimated donation levels are shown in the table below and your actual ocean freight transportation costs will be determined shortly by our Freight Forwarder before shipping. The final invoice reflects actual costs incurred by AMRF on your behalf and ocean freight transportation costs. When you send your donation by check or wire transmittal to AMRF, please let us know in advance by telephone, fax, or email so that we may notify you promptly if the check arrival or wire transfer does not occur.

3. NON-US CUSTOMS and NON-US HEALTH REGULATIONS: The recipient hospital or sponsor is responsible for researching its country's importation, health, and other relevant regulations to ensure compliance with their country's requirements. If needed, AMRF can provide a letter addressed to your country's Customs Department confirming our charitable mission and intent to donate medical goods to your hospital and that such goods are not for resale. Generally the AMRF donation does not provide for coverage of non-U.S. Customs and non-U.S. Ministry of Health inspection costs, registration costs, translation costs of AMRF documents and manuals into host country language, and other such fees. Special requests must be identified early and discussed with AMRF to determine AMRF's ability to assist you if possible.


As stated earlier, AMRF can not guarantee that it will be able to locate every item or the quantities requested. If you request large quantities of specific items, such as beds or examination tables, AMRF may suggest that each shipment consist of a diversified load, rather than a load of just one equipment item in large quantities.

AMRF is prepared to accept items for shipment that the recipient organization collects on its own. However, please notify AMRF in advance of any shipment to AMRF facilities of such items so that AMRF may account for them in the inventory system and packing lists. Also please let AMRF know of special test and inspection requirements for these items.

AMRF will perform inspection and tests within its capabilities on donated equipment and supplies using qualified engineers and technicians. However, it shall be a condition of delivery by AMRF and acceptance by the recipient that the recipient shall assume all responsibility and liability for equipment and supplies delivered to it by AMRF and the subsequent use of the equipment and supplies at the recipient hospital or clinic. Please note that much equipment donated by U.S. hospitals is designed to work at 115 VAC 60 Hz, although more recent models are designed to work at 115 VAC - 230 VAC 50-60 Hz. This equipment can generally operate satisfactorily at 50 Hz, although AMRF has no way to test at 50Hz. If your hospital works at 230VAC, please advise us early if you wish for us to provide transformers (at cost) for voltage transformation or whether you will provide these at your facility. The frequency change has not proven to be a problem.

Approximately half way through our work on your program, AMRF will notify you and send you a list of the equipment and supplies collected as of that date for your review and acceptance/or rejection. The list will contain requested items, as well as items we recommend. The decision is yours, please let us know in writing as soon as possible. Any items rejected by you will be deleted from your inventory.

AMRF will provide the recipient a detailed packing list loaded for the shipment. There can be small differences between the final list and earlier lists because of last minute substitutions by donor hospitals, non-availability of equipment, or failure by equipment to pass AMRF testing protocols. Depending upon export permits, AMRF and the recipient shall agree together on whether AMRF or the recipient shall apply for the permits, if required. It can be determined at the time how costs associated with export regulations, if any, shall be covered.

5. PRE-LOADING VISIT TO AMRF WAREHOUSE FACILITY: We invite you or your representatives to visit our warehouse and test facilities in Brockton, MA, USA, to observe the quality and types of equipment we ship. Program applicants are also invited to inspect their shipment before it is loaded into the container and shipped, provided that arrangements are scheduled well in advance of our final notification and invoice of AMRF readiness to ship. Please let us know early if you will need a formal invitation letter from AMRF for your government's clearance for your visit to the U.S.

6. YOUR COMPLETION OF DONATION PROCESS, 30 Day Notice: Please be prepared to have the balance of the funds available to send to AMRF at the completion of the program. It takes AMRF approximately 4 months to ready a container for shipping. Once completed, AMRF will send you a final inventory list for your approval and an invoice for the outstanding balance of costs incurred plus ocean freight transportation costs. We will need a donation to cover these costs in full within thirty (30) days after we notify you that AMRF is ready to ship. If your donation is not received within the thirty (30) days of our notice, your program will be cancelled and we will be forced to keep your deposit to cover the costs that we incurred on your behalf. Due to our limited warehouse space, AMRF can not make any exceptions to this policy. We need to ship your equipment as soon as possible after each container load is completed due to space restrictions. Your delay with payment impacts our ability to start new programs for people in need at other hospitals across the Globe. Thank you in advance for your planning ahead and cooperation.

When you do send your donation, please alert us immediately to the incoming funds by

Telephone: 1-508.946.0026

so that AMRF will match the incoming funds with the correct AMRF program account.

CHECKS: Please send checks (payable to American Medical Resources Foundation Inc.) to:

P.O. Box 3609
Brockton, MA 02304


7. SHIPMENT ARRIVAL AT YOUR PORT: AMRF arranges ocean freight transportation for US port to your destination port. The recipient hospital is responsible for arranging the land transportation of each container to the hospital. AMRF recommends strongly that each container remains sealed and not opened until it reaches the recipient hospital for unloading in order to minimize possible damage and pilfering. Upon receipt and inspection of your shipment, please complete the questionnaire that we have sent you or let us know by email at or by Fax 1-508.946.0026.

8. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE and STAYING IN TOUCH: AMRF appreciates receiving photographs, newspaper articles, or video tape related to your use of AMRF-donated equipment. AMRF wishes to form an ongoing relationship with recipient hospitals and clinics to which we have sent medical equipment. During the installation of medical equipment at the recipient hospital, AMRF can provide technical assistance by telephone, Fax, and email, if needed. In the future please also feel free to ask for technical consultation in obtaining hard to find spare parts. We enjoy staying in touch with our friends that we have made over the years at hospitals in more than 74 countries.

Thank you for your interest and best wishes.

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To date, over $200 million contributions have been made