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What is AMRF?

The American Medical Resource Foundation's mission is to imporve health care around the world by donating medical equipment and supplies to hospitals that serve the poor in underdeveloped and developing countries of the world.
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AMRF Mission

The American Medical Resources Foundation’s mission is to improve health care around the world by donating medical equipment and supplies to hospitals that serve the poor in underdeveloped and developing countries of the world.

The AMRF headquarters, test/repair, warehouse and shipping facilities are in Brockton, Massachusetts, approximately 25 miles south of Boston. Donations of medical equipment are shipped to hospitals world-wide from this facility, and arrangements for engineering/technician training programs are made through this office.

AMRF seeks to accomplish this mission by arranging and providing the donation of:
  • Refurbished but Functional Medical Equipment
  • Technical Services to Hospitals and Clinics Serving the Needy in these Countries
  • Training of User, Maintenance, and Repair Personnel of Medical Equipment in Recipient Hospitals and Clinics.

AMRF is organized to accomplish its humanitarian mission by:
  • Soliciting and receiving donations of medical equipment and supplies from U.S. hospitals , clinics, manufactirers and private individuals.
  • Working with community based organizations to ensure the most effective distribution of the medical equipment.
  • Inspecting, testing, repairing, and procuring accessories and technical manuals for the equipment it donates to ensure the proper functioning of this equipment at the recipient hospital or clinic.
  • Utilizing to the greatest degree possible volunteer services of technical and non-technical personnel both in the U.S. and outside the U.S.
  • Utilizing to the greatest degree possible the expertise of management, academic, engineering, and medical personnel in the U.S., Europe and other countries to accomplish its mission.
  • Educating personnel in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in other states in medical equipment management and supporting skills for their own benefit and to assist AMRF in accomplishing its mission.
  • By working with and utilizing U.S. Governmental, non-profit and other Non-Government Organizations (NGO) to the extent necessary to accomplish its mission.
  • Working with business and commercial organizations in the U.S. and outside the U.S.
  • Seeking opportunities for institutions to join with and to network with AMRF to accomplish its humanitarian mission.

AMRF Vision and Goals Statement

It is the vision and goal of AMRF to accomplish its mission by:
  • Creating a stable technological base for health care in the developing world with useful, efficacious, medical equipment and technology.
  • Establishing the appropriate level of equipment and technology to be furnished to each hospital and clinic serving the needy.
  • Facilitating the sharing of information and ideas between developed and developing countries that involve the issues of medical equipment donation, procurement, maintenance, repair, support and use, and the training of in-country personnel in these skills.
  • Looking for for-profit partners, educational institutes, universities and other to join in the accomplishment of its mission.
  • Developing aggressively additional core activities in health care delivery to the needy beyond the donation of medical equipment, training, support,maintenance and repair of medical equipment.
  • Creating within AMRF a stable and adequately financed organization and operations capability to accomplish its mission as a permanent, credible institution.
To date, over $200 million contributions have been made